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We are very pleased to launch the very first episodes in our new podcast series 'The Good in Local Giving'.

Our new podcast welcomes thoughts and experiences from the voluntary sector in Kent and Medway, exploring philanthropy and the effectiveness of giving to small charitable groups who support local communities. 

Whether you are a small charity, community group, philanthropist, trustee, fellow funder or advisor to those who want to give, we hope you'll enjoy discovering more about a host of topics on the good in local giving within our county.

Start by previewing some of discussion points within the podcast before diving into the full episode.

Podcast guest Dr Beth Breeze OBE answers 'Why do people give?'  as part of Episode 1  'The head and heart of giving locally: Will it bring you joy and how effective is it?'

Listen to Episode 1 with Dr Beth Breeze OBE and Richard Oldfield OBE

In our very first episode, podcast host, Sarah Fox is joined by the University of Kent’s Dr Beth Breeze who is co-founder and Director of the Centre for Philanthropy as well as author of five books on fundraising and Philanthropy, and retired investment manager, Prince’s Trust trustee and Kent Community Foundation funder, Richard Oldfield OBE.

This episode delves into the ‘why’ of giving to small and local charitable organisations in Kent and Medway, what the benefits to society are and how it feels on a personal level for individuals and families to be able to support voluntary groups who are at the frontline of tackling the county’s most pressing needs.

In the episode Sarah guides the conversation covering:

  • Why people give
  • Why people give locally and the benefits to individuals who do so
  • The role of philanthropy in society and why the voluntary sector is still so important in a time with a 21st century government and commercial sector
  • The risks and rewards of moving to strategic giving

In the preview of Episode 2 'The changing role of the advisor and why philanthropy builds loyal clients', Victoria (Vicki) Papworth shares her thoughts with podcast host Sarah Fox and Kent Community Foundation's Sophie Hosking on what the role of the advisor is if they are not an expert in philanthropy...

Listen to Episode 2 with Victoria (Vicki) Papworth, Coutts Family Office and Kent Community Foundation's Sophie Hosking

Podcast host Sarah Fox welcomes Vicki Papworth, Coutts specialist Philanthropy Advisor and a Spears Top 500 Recommended Philanthropy Advisor in 2022, and Kent Community Foundation’s Sophie Hosking.

We ask how the role of a financial advisor is changing and the growing expectations from future generations to provide greater and deeper support when it comes to sustainable finance and advice. Sarah asks how professional advisors can find confidence in giving and why local giving might be a great starting point to open up discussion on philanthropy with clients.

 Within the episode, Vicki and KCF’s very own Sophie Hosking discuss:

  • The expectations of an advisor when they are not an expert in philanthropy
  • The generational shift and the threats and opportunities it brings
  • How you can find confidence in strategic local giving
  • How to get started on the conversations on giving with clients

MASSIVE 'thank you ' to everyone at Kent Community Foundation. Your funding support is HUGELY appreciated and has enabled us to get into the heart of local communities with REAL, affordable, healthy and tasty food that does so much more than feed people.

Community chef Mike Spackman, Sheppey Matters

KCF's enthusiasm for what we are doing and hoping to do, coupled with helpful advice, gave us the confidence to take this daunting step which has paid off.

Liz Turner, Octopus Foundation

It's great having a foundation that empowers organisations and charities in our community to make real positive differences and changes!

Tom, MMK Mind